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Aorhos Hairbrush, Great On Wet or Dry Hair 1 Pack

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Size: 24.5 * 7 cm
Great for everyday brushing of all hair lengths! With ball-tipped bristles & a flexible cushion base, this brush won’t snag or pull while detangling or styling wet or dry hair.
Suitable for a detangling wet brush, round, vented, paddle, or heated brushes for blow-drying & styling
This brush has painless soft plastic bristles that glide through hair gentler than a wide tooth comb. The bristles are long enough to massage the scalp, increasing circulation and helping healthy hair growth. The easy to use handle ensures it will never slip out of your hand.
Detangles hair in a quarter of the time compared to a regular hair brush. Makes mornings and bath time easier. Great for combing conditioners and treatments through wet hair.