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Brekogar Wine Opener Black 1 PCS

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EFFORTLESS UNCORKING FROM START TO FINISH - Foil cutter, nonstick helix worm, double-hinged arm and slim design make this waiter’s style corkscrew the most efficient, affordable and reliable corkscrew out there. Built-in bottle opener makes opening beer and soda a breeze.
GAIN LEVERAGE WITH DOUBLE HINGED ARM for a smooth, 2-step pull and removal of any cork. Let the waiter corkscrew mechanism do the work for you with lever power. No more dramatic pulling or spills.
NON-STICK CORKSCREW worm makes it easy to get the corkscrew in and out of natural and synthetic corks, preserving your corks for decorative cork holders and arts and crafts.
The low-profile corkscrew fits perfectly in kitchen drawers, on bar carts, your home bar, or even in your pocket for everyday carry.
DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL stands up to everyday use and harsh weather conditions if left in the sink or outside for a night. Rely on this iconic, dependable wine opener.