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Newakio Handheld Shower Head 1 Pack

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3 Spray Modes: This shower head with 1 Rain Mode, enjoying your shower time.
With ON/OFF Switch: Our showerhead has an on-off switch that lets you pause the stream of water for as long as you need, the Pause mode reduces flow to a trickle instead off complete shutoff. This prevents the buildup of water pressure and hot temperature to protect you from bursting water lines and scalding.
High Pressure Water Saving Desing: Super pressurized water, strong and powerful, guarantees optimal performance even in low water pressure installations. Dense small holes designed makes water coming out strongly, softly and delicately, up to 30%-70% water saving than ordinary showerhead.
Install in minutes: Easy to install, simply unscrew the old shower head and screw this one back in its place. Fit to any standard size hose.
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